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By June 28, 2018Training Blog

Everyone is on social media these days. This is why platforms like Facebook and Twitter are so useful for driving sales and growing your business. However, there are certain measures you should take to be effective. If you want to use social media as a sales tool, the following strategies will help you find success.

Begin with profiles

The first thing interested customers will do is type your name into Google, and your Facebook profile will be displayed as one of the first few search results. People are familiar with Facebook, so it’s one of the links they are most likely to click on. Make sure that you use appropriate links on your page, verify contact information and encourage users to reach out to you with a friendly, visible call-to-action.

Drive traffic to landing pages

Many businesses have great success driving traffic from social media to landing pages, but most social users aren’t going to click through multiple pages to make a purchase. Consider selling directly from your landing pages. Buying can be as simple as a few clicks and diminish the likelihood of users losing interest in your product before purchasing.

Perfect PPC advertising

The impressions you get from Facebook are more relevant than those from Google AdWords. Facebook allows you target based on anything from age and gender, to income and spending. You can also display ads based on geographical region, personal interest or occupation. With customization, there are endless possibilities.

Use social selling tools

If sales are your focus and you want to sell directly from social media, there are tools that turn your profiles into ecommerce-enabled pages. Applications like Shopial or Soldsie sync with PayPal, Shopify or Amazon to complete transactions. This method makes the purchase process quick and easy.