Mastery Coaching University –

We are looking for business professionals like you to become business and personal development coaches.

Become a personal development and business coach with our Mastery Coaching University.

With 4 in-depth certification courses
in business sales and personal development.

Mental Mindset of a Coach

“Business Minds Coaching Mentor” license

  • The “Mastery Mentor Coach” will be trained in in four
    different certification platforms (see Mastery Mentor
    Coach Curriculum)
  •  Once you reach “competence” level two , we start
    promoting and marketing on your behalf and you engage
    in our first level referral relationship protocols.
  • After certification of the second platform you will have the
    incredible opportunity to start coaching clients.

How to Sell Yourself

The “Second Level Success Equal” Certification.

  • Affiliates will earn from 10% on sales driven by 2nd level
    certified coach from onset of sale to termination of client
  • This program allows for the participant to generate
    a generous amount of income each month on top
    of the coaching reimbursement
    after completion of Second Level Certification and
    achievement of the required experience hours.
  • This program allows affiliates to market the Business
    Minds Research and Development materials without any additional costs.

How to Be a Remarkable Coach

Sharpen Your Coaching Skills.

  • Tools for successful presentations and speaking.
  • Using your body to deliver your message better than
    ever before.
  • How to create the “Power Cocktail”.
  • Identifying with the “Other” behavior styles.
  • Creating psychological comfort vs. resistance.
  • and more…

Tools For Success

The Master Mentor Program

  • Business Support [Six 45-minute Video Calls]
  • Business Admin [Four 45-Minute Video Calls]
    i. Best practices development
    ii. Business Development Training
    iii. Business Strategies & Tactics development
    iv. PDF & Course Video development
  • Earn exceptional increase of income after completion of the Business
    Minds Mastery Mentor Coaching Curriculum and
    achieving the required experience hours.

Download the Business Certification PDF here