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By June 28, 2018Training Blog

As a CEO, you are the face of your company. Even though responsibilities also fall on the VP of sales or CTO, you are the leader who drives the performance of your company. A CEO needs to make good decisions, build company culture and much more to be successful. We offer CEO training seminars at Business Minds Research and Development in Salt Lake City, but if you can’t attend our seminar, here are five essential qualities of a great CEO:

A transparent vision

A CEO should be able to determine and communicate the organization’s strategic direction. If this isn’t settled it’s difficult to make decisions about anything else in the business. The company is just a group of people pursuing individual goals without shared vision. The CEO needs to be able to describe a vision in a clear, engaging way for everyone involved. Everyone in the organization should understand how this direction affects their job.


The world of business is continuously changing in both the digital and traditional workplace. A successful CEO needs to be able to embrace change at any time, because it’s not going anywhere. Large amounts of information can instantly be processed and sent, so it’s essential to be able to quickly evaluate digital information while also knowing how to advise employees face-to-face.


Today, the business world is much more collaborative thanks to social media and other online tools. The top-down structure of the past is no longer effective. CEOs should meet with their team members in an open-space instead of behind a desk in a corner office with a closed door.


Personal and professional lives are intertwined now more than ever. For this reason, modern leadership is deeply connected to the whole idea of the employee. CEOs need to empower employees by nurturing them to share experiences, interest and personalities within the workplace.


A CEO must be able to take calculated risks after evaluating the benefits and costs of the decision. Anyone who isn’t good at taking risks is generally not suitable as a CEO, as this will cause the company to fall behind competitors. A good CEO should be able to take risks without jeopardizing the survival or profitability of the company.