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By June 28, 2018Training Blog

“Asking good questions is productive, positive, creative, and can get us what we want”. Most people believe this to be true and yet people do not ask enough good questions. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that effective questioning requires it be combined with effective listening.-Irene Leonard




Effective Questioning


About Topic:


Questions Lead to success, those who are the most successful in their chosen professions are those who know how to best help those whom they serve.  As you will come to know, they have reached their level of success because they thoroughly understand their profession and they completely understand the team they lead and what their team’s needs are.  How do they find out about their profession and their team’s needs?  They find out by asking compelling, timely and relevant questions?


Importance of Topic:


People follow people they like and trust.  Building trust is essential to successfully helping your customers, coworkers or team get what they want and need.  Build trust early and fast because you don’t have much time. Your initial conversations must be effective at building trust and helping those you lead to engage.  When a customer wants to get down to business and see what you have to discuss show them respect and begin with a statement that will help you and the other person focus on understanding their wants and needs –not yours.

Future and pondering questions of how this topic can help your future organization?