Who Are We?

Business Minds Research & Development Corporate trains sales professionals, CEOs and customer service personnel to help business owners take their revenues to a whole new level. These unique emotional intelligence methodologies are shared in our fun and engaging workshops available worldwide. To learn more about our small business training programs, visit the Seminars pages.

Our EQ training specializes in three specific areas:

business minds
No. 1

Professional Intelligence Training –

Sales training solutions that improve sales performance by helping sales people help their customers in mutually beneficial relationships where both sides win.

No. 2

CEO Mentoring –

Coaching CEOs to develop leadership skills in their company that will provide tactical administration to strengthen the efficiency of their teams and increase business revenues.

No. 3

Customer Service Training –

Help all members of the business focus on acquiring and keeping satisfied customers, who become another powerful sales force as these customers share their satisfaction with others.

Our Team